Step 1. ENROLLMENT: When a player decides that he or she wants to participate in a SCATTER match, they simply go to and click on the EVENTS tab on the navigation bar. There, they will see all scheduled SCATTER events coming to their area. When they click on the event they wish to participate in, they can then select their match and jersey/player #. The first player to enroll in a specific match will be designated player #1 for that match and will receive jersey # 1 upon match arrival. 

Step 2: EVENT ARRIVAL: Event weekend is finally here! Players are encouraged to arrive 1 day early to familiarize themselves with the terrain / layout. The day before the event (Thursday) the “MAP” will be available for players to begin strategizing. 

Step 3: MATCH ARRIVAL: Players will be required to show up to their Match at least 1 hour early. During this hour, pre-match player interviews will be conducted by the SCATTER video team. The event host will ask each player a series of questions regarding strategy, threats, thoughts on the map, etc. Each player will also proceed to the Check In area to notify the SCATTER team of their arrival for the match. Players must  “open a tab” with the counter employee as well.  Players will be given their Match and player-specific Jersey and asked to proceed (with their marker set up) to the chronograph area.

Step 4: EQUIPMENT CHECK / PASS-OFF: Players will proceed to the chronograph area and upon arrival, will be greeted by a member of the SCATTER team. That player will be given paint to Chronograph their marker to 300 fps or under. Once complete, the SCATTER team member will empty their hopper and request the player to remove the tank, hopper, and barrel from their marker. The SCATTER team member will then top off the player’s tank with air and place the players hopper, tank, marker, and barrel and a SINGLE 140 ROUND TUBE OF PAINTBALLS separately & safely into a backpack that is also labeled with that players specific # (1-12).

Players will be asked to proceed to the RED ZONE in preparation for the match start. Each player's backpack (equipment) will be placed in a circle approximately 5 yards apart from each other. Players will line up approximately 35 feet (in line) from their player #  backpack. Players will then get ready. The siren will sound and the 40 minute match will begin. Players are only allowed to grab their player-specific backpacks. 


The EVENT will consist of 12 individual 40 minute MATCHES. 6 on Saturday, 7 on Sunday (6 preliminary and 1 finals MATCH that will consist of the 12 MATCH winners)

Each match will be a maximum of 40 minutes long. There will be 4, clearly identified zones for each field “MAP”. GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, & RED. The playing perimeter will change after every 9 minutes. Eliminations will be signaled by horn to notify remaining players there has been an elimination. 9 minutes will be signaled by siren and the siren will run for 1 minute straight. Players have 1 minute to get inside of the next perimeter or “ZONE” or they are eliminated.

The 8 Referees will be easily identifiable. Referees will double as “BUY STATIONS”. Each Referee will be carrying 5 pods full of event paint. At any point during the match, a player may seek out and approach a referee and request additional paint. Once requested, that referee will radio in to the counter that “PLAYER 3 requesting 3 pods”. The counter will then confirm and mark that player down for the additional pod purchase. Each pod will cost $10. There will be 40 available pods for purchase (8 refs x 5 pods each) during each match. There is no limit (up to 40) on how many pods a single player can purchase. 

Players are not allowed to pre-purchase pods. They must be in-match purchases. 

When a player is eliminated, that player is OUT….of the match. There are no second chances. The last remaining player will be deemed the winner of the MATCH. If more than one player remains at the end of regulation, the tie-breaker will be an accuracy test where each remaining player will shoot a single paintball at a target put in place by a SCATTER official. The closest player to the bullseye will be deemed the winner of the match. 

Players are allowed to enter multiple matches in a single event if they wish. Players will only be allowed to purchase one spot per individual match. If a player enters and wins 2 matches in a single event, there would only be 11 players in the final match. NO...that player does not get 2 lives.

The Final Match will be held on the Sunday of the event weekend following the last 4 preliminary matches and consist of the winners from each match.

The winner of the final MATCH will be deemed the winner of the EVENT.

PLAYER RANKINGS / PLAYER STATS: Players will first be ranked by EVENT WINS. Then they will be ranked by MATCH WINS. Then, by total eliminations.

COST: The cost to enter each MATCH within a SCATTER EVENT is $100.

PRIZES: Winner of each SCATTER EVENT will choose to receive either a FreeFlow CHAMPION Marker or a SCATTER EDITION SEIKO WATCH.

OUR GOAL: Our goal is to run 144 successful Scatter Events. Once we have done that, we will invite and bring in each event Champion for the Grand Finale. (all travel expenses paid by SCATTER). The prize for the season finale champion will be $100,000.