1. I don’t have my own equipment. Can I rent equipment? 

Yes! When you arrive at the field, there will be options for you to rent equipment. The cost to rent equipment will vary by location, but will always be under $20.

2. Can I enter multiple matches in one event? 

YES! If you want more chances at the final match, you CAN enter in multiple event Matches.

3. What if time expires and two or more people are left? 

If the time expires, and there is more than 1 player remaining, the winner will be determined by an accuracy test using a target provided by the SCATTER team.

4. What if there is a close call between the last two players?

The referees will do the best to make the best possible calls. If the two last players eliminate each other simultaneously,  the winner will be determined by an accuracy test using a target provided by the SCATTER team.

5. When I am eliminated, do I have to drop the tubes I purchased during the match?

NO! You will keep your paintballs.

6. If I purchase extra paintballs during a match, and don’t use them, can I use them in another match / final match?

NO! All players start each match with only the tube of 140 paintballs that are in their backpack.

7. Do I get to keep the jersey and backpack?

YES! Those are yours to keep!

8. If I have won an event, can I play another?

YES! We encourage players to play multiple events and different maps!

9. I have never used a paintball marker before. Will someone be able to show me how to assemble?

YES! Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email. There will be a tutorial video in the email that you can watch that will walk you through the proper way to assemble your marker. There will also be plenty of SCATTER representatives on site to assist you prior to the match start.

10. I play with a mag-fed marker. Can I have multiple magazines? 

NO! Players will only be allowed to use 1 hopper/magazine and 1 air source.

11. Can I set my marker to full-auto?

YES! You may set your marker to whatever setting you would like. The BPS (balls per second) limit will be 12.5.